Act I.


Back in the days before telephones or electric lights…

Back when you shot your own food and sewed your own clothes…

Indoor plumbing was new and not everybody had it.

Air-conditioning was the stuff of fantasy.

The gunfight at the O.K. Corral was fresh in memory.

There were only 38 United States. Oklahoma, New Mexico, and plenty others were still territories.

Waay back.

The golden age of the American cowboy was in its last fleeting years.

Boys drove fast, of course, but they drove horses, (no cars yet), and every young man dreamed of galloping the open range.
That pretty much sets the stage. Now, imagine a fine Spring afternoon in the rolling hills of Central Texas. Two brothers heading West in search of adventure. They have the clothes on their backs, their horses, their pistols, and most importantly, each other. In their saddle bags, they’ve got food and money to last a couple of days. They dream of striking it rich in Los Angeles, where a land boom is making and breaking fortunes. But it’s a long shot they’ll ever get there.

John, 16, worships his older brother, Tin, and would follow him to the ends of the Earth. Tin can ride, rope and shoot with the best of them, but he’s an irresponsible sort, inclined to the pleasures of gambling and pool halls. The two get hungry and down to their last few coins. See how their chance encounter with a cattle drover changes everything. Join the two on a cattle drive to the remote Big Bend Country of West Texas. Their lives will never be the same.


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