How It Went

Everybody’s asking, “how’d it go in New York?”
First answer: “It was AWESOME!”
Second answer: “Let me explain…”
You meet an agent who likes the beginning of your novel and the gist of your book synopsis…
Awesome! You made somebody smile. Somebody who reads manuscripts all day for a living.
That’s HUGE.
BUT…now you have to go home and make a ton of edits. Maybe you still have chapters in the second-draft stage. Maybe the agent suggested some changes.
Changes, by the way, can be hard. Ripping out sentences or paragraphs or pages that took months to build, and inventing something new to take their place…you might as well be ripping flesh from your own arm. It takes willpower beyond imagination.
Anyway, there’s a lot still to be done on my book.
Even once it’s “done” (and done-ness is as hard to determine as the consistency of the interior of a made-from-scratch cake), THEN you can send the whole entire novel back to that agent, to read and CONSIDER.
Upon reading the whole thing, they might love it, or they might vomit!
Ha ha, flow chart here…if they vomit, you’re done. At least with that agent.
If they love it, then maybe they’ll try shopping it around to publishers, to see if anyone’s interested…
It’s possible the agent may not find a publisher who wants it or is ready for it.
It’s a long, long process, and the outcome uncertain.
Just having a meeting with a literary agent “go well,” does NOT equal a book contract!
Have I just knocked you over with a feather?
So, the answer to everybody who’s asking, “When will it be published?”
Can only be, “Do you read tea leaves?”
In a nutshell: awesome weekend in New York.
Yes, people said nice things about my manuscript, which I am totally stoked about.
I also received some good constructive criticism.
There remains a lot of work to be done.
The agents were great. Truly insightful, and I enjoyed meeting them.
Four agents in one day, one at a time, plus an editor…an exhausting slew of meetings.
I even got to sit next to an agent at dinner- two nights in a row. Awesome.
But…do you read tea leaves?  ‘Cause I don’t.
Having said that, I am bound and determined this thing’s going to get published.
But the time has to be right. Every word in place, and every comma.
You wouldn’t want to read it any other way.
Don’t rush it.

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